So, a new blog! I am terribly excited. It feels like the start of a new school year. I'm ready and anxious to get going with freshly sharpened pencils in my backpack and unblemished notebook paper in my Trapper Keeper. (Did you know that they still make Trapper Keepers? Redesigned, of course, but still...awesome.)

Kudos to those of you who actually read my inaugural post in its entirety. What started as simply a way to establish context about where I am in my life quickly turned into a gargantuan post on a million different themes.

I guess it's safe to say - I have a lot on my mind.

The goal is to update two or three times a week. I'm hopeful it won't be the all-baby-all-the-time channel, but let's face it: there's a HUMAN PERSON currently being assembled in my uterus. It doesn't get much bigger or more blogworthy than that.

Coming up next: new ultrasound photos of our little heirloom tomato; and also, an essay on why my child will probably just sleep in a drawer in my bedroom (working titles: Why I Hate Babies 'R' Us or Does This Make Me a Bad Mother?).

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