favorite weekend snippets

hormonal breakdown on friday night leading me to justify an expensive dinner at my favorite italian restaurant just because I felt "sad" (pregnancy is awesome),

homemade pancakes + strawberry slices + syrup on a sunny saturday morning; realizing with secret pleasure that I am now the "mom" making breakfast for her hungry little one and starving husband,

melting a little inside when I saw him come through the door with his curly hair adorably tussled and windblown from driving in his Jeep with the top down,

hours of shopping and chatting with an old friend who also happens to be expecting; discovering the unfashionable joy that is maternity pants comfort,

standing inside Target, watching in horror as he calmly informs me that a teeny tiny chunk of his tooth just inexplicably broke off into the piece of gum he was chewing (teeth stuff majorly freaks me out),

moonlit walk around the park with him; less romantic than it sounds; basically me in my pajamas trying to "exercise" for the baby,

gusts of wind bending the trees and whipping my hair into my face as I walked to my car this morning, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

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  1. my Rob will so love him for the jeep, by the way. Rob has one too.