begin again

Tonight, I feel a strange pull towards this old space of mine.

It seems impossible that it's been over a year since my last post -- so many changes since then, chief among them the owner of that tiny little foot. Little Oliver joined us in the summer and I've already learned that motherhood is sweeter the second time around.

Time is tumbling and pushing and wheeling forward with the force of a thousand engines and I'm powerless to stop it. Maybe that's why I'm here tonight, at 2 a.m. when I really should be sleeping. The allure of documenting it all, telling these moments and stories before they slip my grasp seems incredibly important when I think of how quickly my children are growing.

I don't know where this little blog of mine fits in to my life right now -- but I know it will be resurrected or reincarnated somehow. It has to be, for my sake now (I miss writing!) and later (years from now, I'll be glad I made the effort).