geraniumstay at home mom

A little bird family has set-up shop in the hanging geranium plant on my patio balcony. For a few weeks, there was a lot of commotion as Mom and Dad bird would flit and hop and fly about, guarding their territory and methodically creating their nest.

From my living room, where baby Isaac and I spend the majority of our day, I watch the expectant parents with a happy heart. It is a secret world, up there amid the red geranium petals, but in my new state of motherhood -- it is entirely familiar.

A couple days ago, I peeked in and discovered these sweet blue eggs.

baby eggs

The picture doesn't quite convey how teeny tiny they are!

Things are quiet now because Mama bird is hunkered down, keeping her eggs warm until they are ready to join the world.

Is she tired and weary, like me? (Four months of sleep deprivation and I am SO completely exhausted.) Does she get lonely, occasionally, like I do? (Infants aren't exactly known for their verbal prowess.) Does she start each new day with the babies on her mind? (His voice is the first thing I hear, his happiness is the only thing I want.)

Here on my patio, unexpectedly, a kinship. We stay-at-home moms have got to stick together.

Life is just RIGHT sometimes, you know?