shifting sand


I've just been re-reading all of the comments that you have left for me in recent months, and I have to say - thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so warmed by ALL of the sincere thoughts that you send my way and am encouraged to keep writing and sharing.

I'm at Starbucks right now, indulging in some personal time with a cup of hot tea and a thick slice of coffee cake. The past couple of weeks have been emotionally exhausting. We traveled to California for my Haraboji's (Korean for "grandfather") funeral; my father, his oldest son, gave an incredibly beautiful unscripted eulogy that moved me to tears and has lingered sweetly in my heart ever since.

When we got back, my husband finished up the last few days at his job. Even though we knew about the layoff ahead of time, when it finally happened there was still a heavy sense of loss. This was the company that gave him his start in Arizona when he first moved here six years ago, when he had nothing but a couple suitcases and a few hundred dollars to his name. It’s been a good place for him, personally and professionally.

We have some plans. On Monday we're going to sit down and map out a routine. Even though my first instinct is to be scared, the truth is that I’m pretty excited. Now is the time for boldness, I think. Time to fling our arms wide, wrap them around the new normal and tread the unfamiliar ground with confidence.

[Photo of Aaron + Isaac, by me. While in California, we took Isaac to the beach so that he could feel the sand between his toes and hear the roar of the ocean for the first time. He absolutely loved it!]