favorite posts

all things new is the post that started it all. I'd been blogging elsewhere for a few years, but once I became pregnant I decided to start fresh in this space - a place to chronicle motherhood and marriage with a more serious pen.

Giving birth was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It is taking me forever to tell my son's birth story, but only because I want to capture the essence of what the event meant for me. I'm really proud of the way it has unfolded so far.
-part one
-part two

I'm a romantic at heart, and serendipity still makes me smile.

I wrote olive branches after a fight with my husband. (Let's just say, when I first started writing that post, it wasn't titled olive branches!)  And yet, by the time I was finished writing, my anger had melted and I'd discovered something new about myself.  Even now when I read it, it gives me a chill and remains one of the most true things I've ever written.

Sometimes I re-read stumbling on perfection when things aren't going my way. It gives me a lot of hope.  (I wrote this as feature essay for kelli.)

strangers/lovers and fifth times a charm are open love letters to my husband, who usually forgets that I even have a blog.