i think i'm in love

Friends, meet skeletor.

skeleton baby

Creepy, huh? But of course I think he/she is adorable with his/her bony features and hands clasping the sides of his/her face. (I know, all this gender-neutrality is tedious, isn't it? Such is the price I pay for wanting to be surprised!)

Anyway, our 19 week anatomy scan was a good time. Lots of limbs and organs flying all around the screen -- I am glad to report that all the pieces of our baby are in mint condition. The sonographer doing the scan was in a hurry because they were running an hour behind with their appointments, so it went a lot quicker than I expected. Which ended up being a good thing because I spent the whole time being nervous that we would accidentally get a flash of the baby's private bits and pieces. (We didn't.) I was quite relieved to get out of there without an inkling as to whether or not I'll be attending football practices or ballet recitals for the rest of my life. (GENERALLY speaking, of course. Who knows. Maybe I'm gestating the next Gene Kelly.)

I mean, don't these look like dancing feet to you?

19 weeks, foot.

I was amazed at how detailed these scans are. We saw the four chambers of the heart, both kidneys, the cerebellum area of the brain -- we even saw the lens of the baby's eye. It was fun and so reassuring to see that everything is progressing normally. We feel so blessed.


With a baby like that, how could we not?

I have a couple more pictures I'll post a little later.

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  1. Yay! Baby's first photos! Well I must admit that I am really excited (and slightly disappointed) that you are not finding out the baby's gender! Personally, that's how I would have done it. Husband: would not hear of it! He is a major planner.

    Isn't it funny how you catch yourself pulling out your baby's funny, warped pictures and stare at them longingly? Who knows, maybe you're growing a baby gene in this whole process... ;-)