favorite weekend snippets: baby edition

choosing a crib + stroller during a second, less traumatic trip to Babies 'R' Us; so glad to have those big decisions done and out of the way,

opened the doors and windows to welcome fall into our home; practically ate up the cool weather with a spoon,

going to the gym for the first time in, oh, MONTHS; coming home energized and pleased with myself - only to promptly fall asleep for two hours (my stamina is non-existant these days),

finally started the long process of transforming our adult-only flat into a family nest; although we will be living amongst boxes and piles and messes for the unforseeable future, I am ecstatic to have made a wee bit of progress,

realizing that pregnancy has turned me into the cookie monster (so to speak - also the cake monster, ice cream monster, candy monster, etc); spent my saturday morning satisfiying my sweet tooth by baking decadent sugar cookies smothered with whipped vanilla frosting,

blinking back the tears in my eyes as I watched him feel the baby kick for the first time. overjoyed to share it with him, finally. as chris mcandless said: "happiness is not real unless it is shared."

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