favorite weekend snippets

simply GORGEOUS weather. didn't have to turn on the air conditioning once. love the feel and sound of breezy air coming into our home and gently stirring things about. there's a mess of papers on the floor now, but I don't care,

you should look into getting yourself a husband (if you don't have one already) that will, in one weekend: wash both cars (by hand, of course), do routine car maintenance, do the laundry from start to finish, do a week's worth of grocery shopping, and most importantly, remember to bring home donuts for a saturday morning treat,

accidentally stumbling into a department store clearance sale + nothing to do on a saturday afternoon = a trunk full of half-price goodies like ralph lauren towels, luxurious supima cotton sheets and pyrex glass storage containers,

impromptu photo shoot of me and my growing belly; the pictures turned out nice and I actually felt quite lovely for the first time during my pregnancy,

celebrating 4 years at one of our favorite restaurants, very much enjoyed hearing the waitress call us "lovebirds." talked about baby names and speculated on who we think our kid will look like; was so content and happy that I wondered if my heart (and my extraordinarily full stomach) might explode,

making way for baby continues; spent all day sunday sorting, cleaning, and organizing. threw away piles and piles of stuff. my back aches and my feet hurt, but twas a small price to pay for the supreme satisfaction I now feel.


  1. Marisa,

    This is Whitney from the NieNie post! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you don't mind if I stop by on yours! Congrats on the baby! Are you finding out what you're having or leaving it a surprise? Best of luck with your shopping!!
    I'm totally telling my husband that it's alot easier to buy stuff as we go!
    I noticed you like the office too, didn't you about die when Dwight was doing all of those stroller tests?!

  2. Whitney, thanks for stopping by. We are NOT finding out the sex of the baby because we loooove surprises. :)

    I almost could not watch Dwight abuse the gorgeous stroller. Ha! Such a funny episode, especially the part where he "birthed" a watermelon covered in butter -- because, you know, "newborns are slippery!"