Look at the heavens and see; and behold the clouds -- they are higher than you.
- Job 35:5 (NAS)

The directness of this simple truth cuts straight to the heart. We had some bad news this past week, and I'm holding onto that verse as a reminder of the perspective I want to have as we brace ourselves for the unknown.

a little postscript: As I write this, I am just now remembering that I took the above cloud photos from my living room floor on a rare, fluffy afternoon. Fittingly, a powerful storm arrived just shortly after.


  1. Nothing like a bit of Job to put your life in perspective! That is an extremely powerful and almost calming verse. I really like. I am such a fan of your writing. Best of luck with the bad news. :(
    Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope! Romans 15 (The Message)

  2. Sorry to hear that you have had some unsettling news, God is a great God and He will bring you through whatever it is. Look to Him.

  3. Your photos are beautiful. May your vision soar in the coming days, weeks, months, years just like those clouds. You are loved.

  4. Oh I hear ya. We had some news this past week that shook the perverbial boat. What a great reminder and I feel like this post was inspired.. it gave me some peace.

  5. Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement, girls. I really appreciate them.

  6. marisa:

    you are in my prayers! keep holding tight the power of God's words. He will see you through! that subtle verse holds such comfort.

    p.s. your cloud photos are simply lovely!!

  7. I received the moleskin notebook today - thank you again & again. It is pure loveliness & came on a day when I could use a pick-me-up. Thank you for the sweet giveaway, for your beautiful blog, and for writing.

    Hope all is well...

  8. Beautiful photos. Job is such an inspiring book (and person)...I'm praying that you find peace, solace and comfort in the coming unknown though this passage! Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family! :)

  9. thanks alfie + bethany, for the encouragement and for the photo comments. :D

    katie, I'm glad you got the journal! sorry it took so long... it's so hard to get out of the house with the little one in tow.