be light


It is easy to be heavy; hard to be light.
-G.K. Chesterton

I've loved this quote for many years. It must be my melancholy temperament that draws me to it, I tend to be (to my great consternation) a glass half-empty type of person. I have to consciously decide to think positively and be optimistic.

At different times in my life it has meant different things -- and that's why I keep it near. It captures my inner struggle in a way that resonates.

Mad at my husband? It's hard to forgive.
Too many commitments? It's hard to say no.
Gained a few pounds? It's hard to be disciplined and go to the gym.

(Really hard. Really, REALLY hard. I hate the gym.)

Partly by necessity and partly by choice, the major theme I am working toward in my life right now is simplicity. We're a growing family, crammed into every nook and crevice of this small apartment. We're a single-income family, watching our pennies during the worst economic recession in recent history. We're a fledgling business, working on weekends to make a small dream become reality. There is simply no room for extras, financially or otherwise, and occasionally - it does feel overwhelming.

But when I re-read this quote tonight, I decided to think "light:"

We're crammed, but we're cozy. We are where we are by choice. I'm glad I even had a choice. We're watching pennies, but only because we've financially prepared for this. Watching pennies allows me the privilege to stay home with Isaac. Given a choice, I wouldn't trade it for an extra paycheck. We're working hard for what seems like little reward, but it is immensely fulfilling in a different way. Being able to build something together with my husband is truly exciting.

It isn't enough to just be positive and have an optimistic outlook. I think the lightest hearts are the ones that actively seek contentment and gratitude.

[Photo by my super-talented husband, taken April 2006]


  1. Wonderful's so true! I love your desire to simplify...that is something I've striving for as well.

    Beautiful blog, gorgeous pictures!

    I'm so happy you've stopped by my little blog world...

    Here's to reading more of each other's posts! :)

  2. These reflections are enlightening. If you keep that attitude up, you'll be golden. It's hard to do, but just think how you'll feel when you see those pennies turn into a nest egg, and all your troubles seem distant.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad I found yours! I love the design.


  3. You are on The LOVELY List today! So be sure to share the news with your fam and friends. xoxo Brandy

  4. What a beautiful post about choicefulness - choosing to see the good, the light. I loved it!

  5. Very encouraging post. I've realized lately that it's not always about my circumstances, but more about my attitude.