"he who laughs"

Someday, when you're old enough to read this, you'll understand.

By then, you will have witnessed years of our fake quarreling, the all-in-good-fun teasing, the impassioned pleas to "stop the tickling!" You'll have rifled through photo after photo of he and I making silly faces for the camera. You'll have heard the stories -- like the time your dad threw snow in my face and I cried and he -- what else? -- laughed. You'll know that I adore your father's lighthearted spirit, and you'll watch him thrive on the the fact that I laugh at all of his corny jokes.

You will have come to know (and hopefully love) my often inappropriately loud voice and his penchant for sarcastic one-liners.

You'll know why we named you Isaac.

Earlier this week, after a particularly rough day, I held you in my arms and tried to get you to stop crying. I walked you up to the mirror, pressed my face to your chubby cheek, and started singing "The Farmer in the Dell." We bounced back and forth (the farmer in the dell! the farmer in the dell!) and back and forth (hi-ho the derry-o!) until your sniffles turned into a smile (the farmer in the dell!). You watched yourself with great interest, and your gummy grin was all the encouragement I needed to be louder and more animated with each chorus.

And then, for the first time in your short little life, a chuckle escaped from your lips. You couldn't help it.

I was euphoric. I'd been waiting for this since that moment in the hospital room when we looked at you, then looked at each other and said, "Isaac?"

Yes, we nodded in agreement.


[Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mom's, my own included! I had a wonderful day - my little boy sent me flowers and gave me a card (isn't he so advanced for a four-month old? ha.) and my darling husband made me breakfast and wrote me a sweet letter. Then they both took me out for a little retail therapy at anthro & urban where I picked up some new summer clothes. I am truly blessed!]


  1. how amazing to have a first laugh documented just like this. what a great moment, and how great to be looking forward to all the great laughs that are coming.

  2. so...why Isaac? or does that call for another post?

  3. Jess...oops! I guess I should have made the connection stronger... Isaac means "he who laughs" in Hebrew and we chose it because laughter + lightheartedness is an exceedingly important part of our relationship and we want to pass that on to our son.

    sorry...it was SUPER late when I wrote it!