hello, self.

You never know what treasures you'll find while rooting through the deep, dark recesses of your desk at work. While searching for a red pen, I glimpsed a beat-up yellow post-it note tucked underneath a box of paper clips.

On it, hastily scrawled in my handwriting, was written this:

less is more

quality over quantity


small spaces

use less, consume less

freedom in simplicity

I remember jotting these down -- what was it? A year ago? Maybe even two. Time gets a little fuzzy between the four walls of my office. I don't know how the note ended up in the drawer or even what compelled me to write those thoughts down in the first place.

But I do know that I was meant to rediscover them today. My thoughts returned to me, gift-wrapped in dust and crumbs, lifting my spirits and giving me a renewed sense of confidence and purpose in the many difficult decisions that he and I have had to make lately.

We all need that little boost every once in a while.

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  1. so great. i love coming across old musings. it always makes me feel good that maybe I have always kind of known what I'm doing. it sounds like you do. i'm sure you're doing great with your decisions.